Thursday, November 5, 2009

Food Photography

I have been busily working on my cookbook that I will be publishing down the road. And as I have made different dishes, I have been taking photos. Here is my Pumpkin Cake:

Amazing tasting cake--not great photos. Dark. Nothing special. Never said I was a photographer. Cook--yes I am, Designer--yes that too, Photographer--not so much. But my neighbor, Jen, has been photographing some of the finished recipes to provide photos for the book. She IS a photographer--and her pictures of MY food have been beautiful!! She has wanted to try some "stock" photography and is starting with my food. She also does beautiful portrait work! So click on her name and take a look at the BIG difference in our Pumpkin Cake Pictures! :) Also my recipe for the cake can be found on her site. Truly delicious and perfect for fall! On a sad note: not calorie free!

1 comment:

  1. looks absolutely yummy!! Do we get a sample!??? ha ha
    Your photographer took a fabulous photo!! Can't wait to see the book when its done!
    Its gonna be great! So proud of you!!