Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tasty Tuesday Recipe: Nectarine Strawberry Jam!

This is one of everyone's favorite jams that I make. So much "brighter" and fresher tasting than peach. It came about accidently when I had some really ripe nectarines that needed to be used, but not quite enough . . . so I added strawberries to make up the difference. The family fights over it and everyone is sad when we run out of this flavor! This combination will be one of the best jams you've ever made!

Nectarine Strawberry Jam
2 cups peeled, mashed Nectarines
1 cup mashed Strawberries
1 T. Lemon Juice
4 cups Sugar
1 box Pectin

Follow directions on the pectin box for freezer jam. If you happen to buy one that needs Karo Syrup, add it. I prefer pectins where you don't need it. I also pulse my jams in a blender or food processor (even though instructions say not to) and the result is beautiful. I don't obliterate the fruit, but just give it a few pulses.

Next week's recipe: The homemade yeast rolls you see pictured with the jam!

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